Mar. 15, 2016

Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Your Garden This Summer

Generally marketed as ‘premium tomato’ the cherry tomato is simply a ‘mini-tomato‘. This variety is though similar but not exactly identical with the conventional domestic tomato. It is sweeter and gives a different taste to your salad dish.

Size may vary from thumb tip to the golf ball and shape could be spherical, oval, or oblong. Oblong ones are more towards the plum tomatoes and called as the ‘grape tomato’.

Cherry tomato is an engineered variety of cultivated tomato in terms of Botany. As usual, there are several varieties of cherry tomatoes you can choose from.”Super Sweet 100” and “Gardener’s Delight” are two most popular varieties of cherry tomato in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively.”Santorini” is a typical Greek variety of cherry tomato and is very popular because of its shape and flavor.

Cherry tomatoes require little attention while growing and could grow perfectly even without staking. They are more tolerant of dry climatic conditions and weather fluctuations. Cherry tomatoes are not prone to cracking and blossom end rot, which is a common problem with conventional domestic tomatoes.

Maturing and ripening period of the cherry tomatoes is very short and the plant start bearing fruits throughout the summer season and even up to the beginning of the fall season. If you are among those creative gardeners, you would certainly like to grow them indoor as well and thus you can have fruits throughout the winters as well. Cherry tomatoes varieties are immensely productive and one small plant may bear hundreds of fruits even.

These qualities of cherry tomato are sufficient for deciding them growing in your home garden as well. You will get a different flavor indeed.

Cherry tomatoes can be grown easily in a container with minimum care.”Sungold” variety would be the best if you want the juiciest and flavorful tomatoes in addition to the “Super Sweet 100″.

When planting the plants you must prefer using organic potting mix. Never take dirt from the garden. It will help you avoid pests and other diseases. Checking soil everyday and ensuring that it is dry with minimum requirements. You will have to ensure maintaining the soil moist continuously. It is better to place the container under direct sunlight for at least six hours a day.

Type of containers you are using also becomes very important. Normally plastic, fiberglass, and foam-based containers suit this plant better. These materials are helpful in delaying the evaporation of water from the roots. You may use any type of material based container but ensure that it has drainage holes in the bottom.

I advise you to start plantation from seedlings instead of the seeds directly. It will reduce your timings up to great extent. June is the best time to plant these seedlings and you not waste time anymore. Just go to the nursery nearby your area and get some good seedlings of cherry tomatoes.