Apr. 19, 2016

Easy Moving – Tips for Moving Large Furniture Pieces in West London

One of the worst things to move is large furniture, especially if you are living in West London. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and there are things beyond your control that might affect the removals in the worst possible way. For instance, if you cannot find a parking space and you have to drag or carry the huge furniture from the van all the way to the flat or house. But just because something may be hard, it does not make it impossible at all. You can do your furniture relocation with ease in many cases as well, no matter how big the furniture. And here are the best approaches to that:

Get help – This might seem cheap, but sometimes it is needed. Ask a friend or two if they are doing something on moving day and if they could lend a hand. This will also decide whether you have to hire a removal van or just a West London man and van service.

Hire a West London man with van company – If you don’t get help from your friends, then get help from a moving company. But do not get a whole team of movers.  A single man and van West London will be more than enough, you just have to help.

Synchronise – Of course, even if you do have help, you will have to learn how to complement each other. Practice your cohesion and apply it so that you are on the same leaf about how to move the heavy pieces.

Slide, slide, slide – Many removal services, including the cheap man with van in West London, nowadays provide a useful little item called a slider. It does exactly what it says on the label – you place it underneath the furniture and you slide it along your rooms and hall for much easier manoeuvrability.

Dolly and Pallet – If you are not a fan of sliding, then the classic pallet and dolly will be the best solution to moving problems. With the help of a friend or a mover, load up the item on top of the pallet and, depending on how big it is, keep it balanced till you pull or push it to the van.

Disassembly – Leaving the most obvious for last, you can also check if the item can be disassembled. This takes the most time and effort, but it does pay off a lot in the long run. If a monstrous sofa can be turned into three smaller parts which any one person can handle one at a time, it’s all worth it.

Follow these tips and see how easily your move will go. Hire the proper man and van team in West London to help you and you will also save quite some money – this is a simple and unpretentious way of moving house, office, or even just furniture, so it is one of the better, if not the best, option for you. Now enjoy your easy moving.