Jun. 13, 2017

DIY vs Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company In London

When you're thinking about doing carpet cleaning in your home or business in London, you are probably considering two options: do it yourself, or hiring a local carpet cleaning company. Both options have their pros and cons, so we look at what these are to hopefully help you decide on the best choice for you. First up DIY:



Can do it as and when it suits you – if you've got a lot of carpets that need cleaning in your home then you may want to do the job bit by bit, and doing it yourself gives you the flexibility to do just that. You can decide when you want to do each bit, and you can change the timelines easily depending on what else might crop up; perhaps moving it forward if you get an unexpected free day, or delaying it if something else more important happens. Either way, you do have a little bit more flexibility if it's all under your control.


Can be cheaper – if you already have all the necessary cleaning equipment and tools, then doing it yourself can mean your carpet cleaning in London is cheaper. But be aware, this isn't always the case.


Satisfaction – one of the best things about doing your carpet cleaning yourself is the satisfaction that comes with knowing that it was your efforts that led to you having a beautifully clean carpet, so you can tell your neighbours in London that you did it all yourself.


Hard work – much as it might be satisfying to be responsible for your carpets being wonderfully clean, this doesn't change the fact that carpet cleaning is hard work. Even if you have all the right equipment and tools you'll still need to put in some hard graft, and this might not be as much fun as it sounds when you dream up the idea.

Time-intensive – aside from being hard work physically, doing a carpet clean is also very time intensive, meaning that rather than spending time doing something fun, you're stuck indoors doing a lot of hard work. If you're got plenty of time to spare this might not be an issue, but if, like a lot of people, your days are already jam packed, then spending the little free time you do have cleaning carpets might not be your idea of a good time.


Hiring professional carpet cleaning services


Far less hassle and stress – the beauty of hiring a professional cleaning company in London is that they are tasked with taking on all the stress and hassle that comes with carpet cleaning. They do all the hard work, all the planning, and all the clean up afterwards, saving you no end of stress. So if you're after a hassle free approach, then hiring the pros is a good way to go.

Better results – no matter how hard you try and what equipment you use, chances are that you are unlikely to get as good a result if you do your carpets yourself. The fact is that carpet cleaners team are literally trained in the art of cleaning and will generally be able to achieve a far superior result. Especially if you have a particularly dirty carpet to be dealt with.


Can be cheaper – odd as it may sound, but sometimes hiring professional carpet cleaners can actually be cheaper than doing it yourself. This tends to be the case if you don't already have the equipment and materials available to do the cleaning, as hiring these, especially in the London area can be considerably expensive, but your chosen team will have all this already and may charge a far lower rate that what you'd pay hiring it all out.



More rigid timelines – although hiring a team of experts in London will typically make things easier in many regards, it can't be denied that it does limit you somewhat in how and when you do the task. If you do it yourself you can do it as and when you please, but hiring professional cleaners means you have to abide by their timescales, which may not always match your own.




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