Jun. 19, 2018

Guide to Moving Home in Lewisham with Pets

House moving in Lewisham, SE13 is often stressful for us humans, and you can imagine how much anxiety it can cause for your pets. They easily get stressed out when they notice unexpected activity in the home or when they get into a new environment. While there is no formula solution to moving house with animals, these tips will help you move smoothly and stress-free into your new Lewisham home.

Before you house removal

Ask yourself these questions:

· Does the Lewisham home you are moving into have sufficient room for your pets?

· Is it pet-proofed? For instance you need to have enough space at the backyard where there is safety or no other animals. There is need to ensure that dangerous hazard such as pool, staircases and boreholes are placed at a safe location.

· Is there a highly regarded vet who will take care of your pet?

Arriving at your new Lewisham, SE13 home

When you arrive at your new home, ensure that there is no danger by applying pest control products to avoid your pets facing danger of infection. Ensure that all the windows do not have any hole in the screens. All fences should be checked and maintained to avoid any escape.

If you have not moved all your items into the room, the pet can be placed at the restroom while unloading is taking place. In the restroom, food, bed, blanket and water should be made available. You should put a sign for movers to understand that they should not open where the pet is kept.

Ensure you inform your new Lewisham neighbours on your pet so that when it got lost or try to escape it can be traced and handed back to the owner.

Take Your Pet in Your Vehicle

When moving house in Lewisham, SE13 the pet such as small dogs and cats it is advisable that you put them in a carrier at the back seat of your car that can be protected with a safety belt. For the huge dogs, they can be put in a kennel at the back seat, if possible, seats can be put down to give the dog enough space. You can make them more comfortable by throwing blanket at their back to block them from seeing changing environment outside.

Keep Your Pet isolated

Ensure the house is well arranged and set before you move your pet. Confine a section of you house where you put the pet as you slowly introduce them to their new surroundings. The pet should be attentively watched and be given toys or blankets with immediate effect. This will ensure that the pets are made to feel at home like others.

Hire a Removal Company

The simplest way to avoid all the stress and anxiety that comes with house removals is just to hire a reputable moving service. A reputable man and van company can help make domestic removals smooth and painless not only for you but also for your pets.


Moving house can stress out your pets but the good thing is that you can make it less stressful. While there are several things you can do like taking your pet in your vehicle and keeping them isolated, the best thing is just to hire a moving company. This will make your house removal stress-free for your animal.


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